Twins! | 2018 Throwback #2

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Studio photograph of twin high school senior girls twin newborns holding hands on cream background

It is no secret that I have wanted twins for years. Every pregnancy, I hoped that I would find out that I was carrying two babies. I would dream of the bliss of holding one in each arm, disregarding any negative comments I heard from moms of twins who actually have experience and know how hard it can be. I don’t exactly know why I idealize the thought of having twins, but I suppose the facts that I love babies, and that I have such a hard time with pregnancy, have something to do with a 2 for 1 seeming like it would be an amazing blessing.

Since all my pregnancies turned out to be singletons, I began to think of how fun it would be to photograph twins. Then, a few years ago, after years of photographing newborn sessions – but never twins, I got a call that a friend of mine was pregnant with twins. I studied twin posing, twin safety, bought newborn props big enough for two, and then through a crazy turn of events, found out that the ultrasound tech was wrong, and in fact, she only had one child.

The wait was worth it though. 2018 was my year for twin sessions. First twin girls, then twin boys.

The first twin session was in the Spring for a gorgeous set of twin high school seniors. These sisters are from a wonderful family that I have had the privilege of working with over the years – the twins are the youngest.

The second twin session was in September for a set of newborn boys. I couldn’t be more thrilled that the first twin newborn session I photographed was for this couple. I have been part of capturing their family’s life story through many amazing moments, including the birth of two of their nephews, and after a time of waiting – it was finally their turn to be parents.

It was a joy to find out that they were expecting, and then twofold when I found out they were having twins. Their journey has had many ups and downs; but the strength of their family and the community around them has helped to get them through, and the twins are now healthy and growing at a rapid rate.

Getting to do two twin sessions was definitely a 2018 highlight!

This post is the second in a 5 part series: Throwback to 2018.

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